RUN – Wolfgang Mitterer
Ode Funêbre à Tristan – Susumu Yoshida
SPAS – Samuel Sighicelli
Sans Titre Provisoire – Erwan Keravec
To Air One – Bernard Cavanna

Erwan Keravec – bagpipes
Guénolé Keravec – trélombarde
Erwan Hamon – bombard
Mickaël Cozien – biniou

« After the first thirteen contemporary music pieces –nine for solo piping (Nu Piping) and four more for a voice and bagpipe trio (VOX)– Erwan wished to explore the possibility of extending his ambition further than his own instrument, i.e. of modifying a strong cultural
origin. To achieve this, he has set up a piping quartet that brings together the four instruments of the Breton piping tradition, starting with the historic bombard and biniou koz and including the Scottish bagpipe, which has become Breton over the last century, and the
trelombard, invented to act as a counterpoint to the bombard and bagpipe in bagadou (plural of bagad: Breton piper bands). With its culturally marked instruments, this quartet is characterised by its raw sound, rich tone colour, continuous biniou and bagpipe resonance,
condensed spectrum and, obviously, powerful sound. » Erwan Keravec