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Nu Piping

This project revolves around eight commissions for bagpipe solo pieces. When Erwan Keravec contacted Susumi Yoshida for Nu Piping # 1, the japanese composer was immediately seduced by the idea of
writing a solo piece for this instrument. He has named it Inori, which means ‘prayer’ in Japanese. It is
a contemplative, introspective work, which stands out by its relation to time ( a piece both intense and
meditative). The composer Bernard Cavana has chosen another path, even getting a bagpipe method,
which has enabled him to enter the instrument’s highly complex ornamental dimension. His piece is
based on a typically scottish ornament. He is more interested in the bagpipe sound than in its cultural
heritage. Both approaches bear witness to the richness and diversity of the musical worlds, that these
eight composers have come up with.