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Music does not need the eyes, at times they can even be an obstacle.
Seeing a movement makes us grasp the sound that is about to be produced, therefore this sound no longer surprises us, whilst when we are blind-folded each sound is a surprise and we are then attentive, vigilant.

We also perceive space differently. We rediscover distance. Close sounds seem very close and the difference between close and distant seems huge.
To be blind-folded isolates us from the group. Everything seems more intense –music, as well as the shifting of air related to movement. We
must have confidence and relax. Musicians are playing for us, around us, yet we, who are seated blind-folded, are the ones giving
ourselves over. And our memory is at work, trying to recognise things and to find out who is producing what and where it comes from. Blindfolded
in the middle of a group, feeling as though we were each the only one feeling these movements of the air, hearing these sounds. Each of us ends up thinking ‘this is only for me, this is all addressed to my individual self’.

C'est intense. Allez-y les yeux fermés

Ouest-France, décembre 2015

Un voyage sonore autour de soi

Le Poulailler, décembre 2015